Purim: Esther Saves Her People

Purim, also known as the feast of lots, is a festival remembering the day that Queen Esther had learned about Haman’s plot to annihilate the Jews.

If you’re familiar with this passage, Queen Esther had called Haman and her husband, the king, to a banquet. King Xerxes was pleased with his Queen, for Esther had found favor in the eyes of the king. While they were eating, Queen Esther told the king what Haman was up to.

You see, Esther herself was a Jew. Haman was looking to rid the kingdom of Mordecai and all the Jews. But what about the Queen?

Up to this point Haman had tried to trick the king and he even went as far as to build the gallows to hang Mordecai on. In the end, King Xerxes ordered Haman be hung on the very gallows that were meant for Mordecai.

God used Queen Esther to be so bold to speak at the proper time. Queen Esther became a redeemer of the Jews, for God used her to deliver the Jews. The Jews experienced deliverance from death which was brought upon from Haman. Each year the Jews celebrate Purim remembering what God had done through Queen Esther.

Even though God’s name is nowhere to be found in the book of Esther we can still see Jesus in it.Jesus delivered us from our sin by dying on the cross. He redeemed us through His blood shed upon the cross. For we all are set free from the punishment of sin because of what Christ accomplished on the cross.

There’s another holiday called Yom Kippur, known as the Day of Atonement. Yom Kippur can also be known as Yom Ke Purim, “a day like Purim,” the holiday we just learned about based on the story of Esther. On this day the high priest would go make atonement in the holy of holies with blood that was not of his own.

You could say Esther was like a type of Christ in that God used her boldness to speak up and deliver the Jews out from death and into safety.

Just like Esther was the deliverer of her people, Jesus is our deliverer from our sins. He gave up his life as a living sacrifice upon the cross. He became our atonement for sin. Through his death upon the cross we all may be delivered from our sins and be given eternal life. For through the body broken and blood shed of Jesus and through the Forgiveness of sins we stand Holy and blameless as if we never sinned. God sent his Son Jesus to become our Redeemer, our Savior, our Deliverer. All we have to do is ask the Lord into your life.

May we all be bold like Esther. She was very bold and spoke when she had to. We all will come across the Haman’s of the world. We live in a world that is full of hate, and evil surrounds us at every corner. Will you be so bold to speak out for God and take a stand for Jesus? God will be there to give you the words and as a very dear friend of mine said recently to me, “God’s got it;” you have to believe that.

Esther didn’t know the outcome but she stood tall and trusted God and spoke. God is not done with the Jewish people nor is he done with you. He has great plans for your life. Go speak boldly about your relationship with Jesus. The world needs to hear the truth. Go and be the light in this cold, dark, evil world.