The seder plate holds all of the elements included in the Passover. There is usually six different sections for each of the elements:

Karpas – Greens

This is the section for the parsley which will be dipped in salt water. The salted parsley represents the tears of the Children of Israel who were slaves in Egypt.

Beitzah – Egg

This is a roasted egg, which is a symbol of the daily sacrifices that took place in the temple which no longer stands. There are no animal sacrifices that can be performed to this day that can make any of us righteous before a Holy God. Jesus is our atoning sacrifice.

Maror – Bitter Herb

This is ground horseradish, and just enough is eaten to bring a tear to the eye. The Hebrews could not appreciate true redemption until they first realized the bitterness of being slaves under Pharaoh. We were once slaves to sin, but now we experience true redemption through the blood of Christ.

Charoset – Apple Mixture

A mixture of chopped apples, nuts, grape juice, honey and cinnamon. This is symbolic of the mortar used to build the bricks in Egypt. Even in times of trouble and bitterness, we can draw closer to Jesus Messiah and experience the sweetness of His salvation.

Chazaret – Romaine Lettuce

This is not eaten, but is another symbol of the bitterness of slavery.

Zeroa – Shankbone

The seder plate includes a bare roasted shankbone of a lamb. In Exodus 12, the firstborn of every household were spared from the tenth plague by applying the blood of the lamb on the door frame of their home. Today, if we apply the blood of Jesus to our hearts, we are assured that we are redeemed by the blood of the Lamb who takes away our sins and gives us new life.


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